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The NSW Central Coast local currency

Central Coast LETS is a growing network of people on the NSW Central Coast of Australia who participate in a system of alternative trading known as LETS (Local Energy Trading System). LETS is a community based non-profit trading system that enables its members to exchange a wide variety of goods and services using little or no cash. It is a method of trading which depends on energy, skills and time instead of money, exchanging a unit of local currency (Shells), not as an alternative to conventional money but to complement the current system of trade.

Central Coast LETS is part of a network of people throughout Australia and the world who welcome a system of alternative trading. The NSW Central Coast’s local currency is called the “Shell”.

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Vacant Committee positions

Vacant Committee positions

You may have noticed that not much is happening at Central Coast LETS at the moment. This is because most the Committee positions are currently vacant. But you can help. We need at least : an Administrator (Chairperson) a Secretary a Treasurer Active Committee members...


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