How much does it cost?

Since LETS is not for profit, charges are kept to a minimum.

Membership fees for new members:

If you join in July, August, September or October the fee is $15.
If you join in November, December, January or February the fee is $10.
If you join in March, April, May or June the fee is $5.

(Shell’s will be automatically debited from your account to cover administration wages etc at a rate of 5% of each transaction, 1% is paid directly to the CES who run our online site for us). (Fees subject to change).

Membership fees for current members:

If paid on time (on or before July 1st each year) the renewal fee is reduced to only $10.
If paid late (after July 1st but before August 31st) the renewal fee will be $15.
Accounts not renewed by September 1st will be put on hold and a full rejoining fee of $15 will be required.


How to join Central Coast LETS

Click here to register.
Then simply enter your details and click submit.
The administrator will receive your application and be in touch shortly.
Or if you prefer you can print out a membership form by clicking here.
Post completed form to Central Coast Lets, P O Box 3151, Umina Beach, NSW 2257.

Contact for new member enquiries

Membership Secretary: Sonja Halton
Telephone: 0402 816890

When can I start trading?

As soon as the Administrator has added you to the live system you can trade immediately.

Use the system to contact other LETS members to arrange trades. Start trading straight away, DO NOT WAIT until you have sold something.It doesn’t matter if you go into “debt” as long as you are willing to provide services later if someone contacts you. Please read the Making LETS work information sheet.

Recruit new members… the more members, the better LETS works, so sign up your friends too. There is a 5 Shell reward for those who sign up new members.

You can use this great booklet to learn more about Central Coast LETS.